Living with Regrets.

The day you know you’ve been hurt, the day you know you hurts someone too much.

For a small moments you’ve been ignored. For big extra efforts you never appreciate. For anger you’ve been always expressed.

Regrets in the end.

When you realized that your time would never coming back. When you couldn’t ask for God mercy to take your time back. Because… it was too late. To take your time back to your hand.

And you couldn’t stop asking why. To God.

“Why this hurts coming?”

“Why me, God?”

“Am I doing something very bad before?”

“Why me?”

“Why me?”

“Am I deserved all of this pain?”

You keep asking why. Why. And why.

You couldn’t stop thinking even you feel exhausted. Your brain couldn’t stop working. Your heart beat… you feel it very fast and makes you struggling on breathing.

Now, regrets are stuck in your body. Your mind. Your soul.

How could you live after this? How could you breath very well after all?

Is there any chance to get your time back and be happy like before?

Is there any chance to get your life before this back?

Is there any chance to you to love him more and give your everything you could give even its your time and appreciations?

Is there any chance to you to express your love, without anger? In sweet ways like you always do?

Is there any chances?



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Agnicia Rana

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