Nights after today.

If this is really what I deserved, should it be this bad?

Nights after today, will not be the same. Feelings. Situations. Warmth. Joy. Everything will changes. Everything will be different.

Trust. Forgiveness. Smiles. Laughs. Everything will be disappear. Everything will be go far away.

Do we still need a chances? Even it’s a small miracle? Small thing which can makes everything better?

If I deserved these, should I angry? Should I sad? Should I try to kill myself?

I learned how to keep someone, at the time I already lost him.

I learned how to appreciate small thing that someone give to me, at the time I already lost the possibility of having another gift.

I learned how to respect someone feelings, at the time I lost someone to respect.

If I could turn back time, I will fix my self first. I will not put somebody in my cruel life. I was wrong for any desicions I’ve made.

God, I need miracle.

Or simply just make me leave this live. Cause I don’t really know why these thing happened.

Nights after today will be different. Attentions. Cares. Priorities.

Should I just leave? Because I can’t.

Please, save me.



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Agnicia Rana

Sebuah perjalanan pencarian jati diri. Tempat misuh-misuh. IG: agniciarana #MemulaiKembali