Seeking The Answer “WHY”

Agnicia Rana
1 min readJul 1, 2022

For about three weeks I knew there was a big lie between us. You’ve made the choice to declare war. A week before, as you’ve already predicted that bad thing would happen so soon.

Is everything worth paying? These obstacles between us separate us, we promised each other that we will never leave each other, even the hardest things are coming.

The fact is you are tired of me. You’re giving up. You forget all promises we’ve made. You leave me and our stories just like that. You said that we should fight, because of the love we have. And everything is just words for you now. Without meaning.

If I could turn back the time, sure I will fix everything on me. But, will you do it? Will you change?

My words will be always nonsense for you. I always less for you, I will never enough for you. I will never be the right person for you anymore. I will never be your “one and only” person again. I will never be loved by you anymore, my lovely man.

I won’t ask why, it might hurt me more. It might hurt us more.

If we could meet once more, sure, I will say sorry. Again. For every mistakes I’ve made. For everything I couldn’t give to you.



Agnicia Rana

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