When you’re thingking that your life is bad

Agnicia Rana
2 min readFeb 13, 2022


When you’re thinking that your life is bad, imagine people who…

  1. Doesn’t have amount of money as much as in your pocket, even it’s just a coin.
  2. Doesn’t have a house, they could sleep everywhere — outside the store, the road.
  3. Doesn’t have a job, they don’t even think of salary in the end of the month, they don’t even think what will they eat today, but how will they eat today.

You’re life is always good, at least for you. So many people doesn’t have what you have now, and they’re wishing to have stuffs like what you have.

You are not poor, you are not miserable.

You just thinking of what people achieves, by seeing on their social media, by seeing what clothes they’ve used, what shoes or bags or phones they have.

Life is life, it will always be bad.

You could be better everyday, or even be worse. And it’s normal.

Me, since last week, I decided to not thinking that my life is bad. I’ve been unfollowed my friends — or at least people I know, like, every people I know — from their instagram. And today I decided to mute them on twitter also.

Yet, I’m still in the age that I wanted to achieve many things, and always feel that I don’t have those many things at all, so I’ve been busy comparing my life with others.

And I decided to stay by myself, focus on myself and what can I achieve or not.

Drowning in the shallow sea, and I need to safe my life.

I need only two things, and that’s my self, first. And people who really cares of me. My life partner. I wish he would never leave me in the middle of storm, or even in the mild night full of stars.

Remember that live will always be bad. Not you.



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